Security expert: ObamaCare site officials 'probably don't even know if they're getting hacked'

A cyber security expert who testified before a House committee on the troubled ObamaCare website told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren he believes there is so little monitoring done on the website, HHS officials “probably don't even know if they're getting hacked right now.”

David Kennedy, a “white hat hacker” who testified at the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee hearing Tuesday, said on “On the Record” the agency’s estimate the website had been hacked 16 different times seems very low.

“I think that that shows that there’s little to no monitoring so they probably don’t even know if they’re getting hacked right now,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy said that most websites receive between 30,000 and 40,000 different types of hack attacks in just one month.

“Something as popular as is going to exhibit a lot more than that,” he said, “so if they’re only seeing 16 of these it means that a lot of those are going undetected, and they’ve probably already gotten access to the site or are working on getting access to the site.”