SCOTUS: Sotomayor gets through Committee; WH confident she'll be the next Justice

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked about the Senate Judiciary Committee vote today on Supreme Court nominee Judge Sonia Sotomayor. Judge Sotomayor was voted out of committee (and her nomination now proceeds to the floor) with a total of 13-6.

Those voting for Sotomayor? All the democrats on the committee and one GOP Senator, Lindsey Graham from South Carolina. Those voting against Sotomayor? All republicans: Senators Session, Hatch, Grassley, Kyl, Cornyn and Coburn.

Gibbs said that he wasn't sure how much more clear her record could be and that despite the evidence on her record, some people just couldn't be convinced.
But Gibbs also said, the vote today was a strong vote in her favor and she is on track to get through the Senate and become Justice Sotomayor in time for the October session at the Court.
And then Gibbs added that Sotomayor is a nominee that has unparalleled experience, and a variety of experiences in her legal career making her eminently qualified to be the next Justice.