Sanders supporters reportedly to hold Philly 'fart-in'

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Sometimes, politics is a smelly business.

And a group of Bernie Sanders supporters plans to make the point that the 2016 race stinks in their own special way -- arranging to hold what they're calling a "fart-in" at the Democratic convention to register their displeasure with Hillary Clinton.

Seriously, this is how it's supposed to work: U.S. News and World Report reported Tuesday that disgruntled Sanders supporters plan to participate in a pre-convention feast of various canned and baked beans, and then let their bodies do the talking once they get to the Philadelphia convention hall.

The organization head for this "fart-in" protest is national coordinator for the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign Cheri Honkala.

Honkala told U.S. News that boxes of dried and canned beans have arrived at her home from states like Texas and Wisconsin and will be taken to a “Clintonville” camp, a replica of the poverty-stricken “Hoovervilles” of the 1930s.

The Clinton campaign did not return a request from for comment.

Honkala did not specify how many delegates and supporters have agreed to join her endeavor, but reportedly said her office will likely serve as a second bean-eating location and that Sanders himself will be invited.

Sanders’ communications director Michael Briggs called it “disgusting and juvenile” in an email to

Though a bean-fueled protest like this has never come to fruition, it was first proposed by community organizer Saul Alinsky in 1972. He once planned for 100 protesters to attend a concert at the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra in New York after eating huge portions of baked beans.

“Such tactics aren’t just cute; they can be useful in driving your opponent up the wall. Very often the most ridiculous tactic can prove the most effective,” he told Playboy Magazine.

If all goes well for Honkala and her fellow organizers, the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia may just meet the goal Alinsky once set for Rochester, to be “immortalized as the site of the world’s first fart-in.”'s Liz Torrey contributed to this report.