Sanders backers reportedly banned from Tinder over campaign messages

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Tinder is swiping left on Bernie Sanders supporters – so to speak.

The Vermont senator's famously enthusiastic backers reportedly are getting banned from the dating app for trying to use it to blast out campaign messages in support of their candidate. Reuters reported on the cases of two women who got notices their accounts were being locked after being reported for sending too much pro-Sanders’ material to prospective matches.

Robyn Gedrich, an Elie Tahari employee in New Jersey, confirmed to Reuters that her account was suspended by Tinder after she sent an average of 60 messages per day urging men on the app to support the presidential candidate.

Her messages included links to volunteer forms and introductions asking if matches “feel the Bern.”

Haley Lent, an Iowa native, also said her account was suspended after she spent the night before the Iowa caucuses sending her matches pro-Sanders messages. She even had the Tinder premium membership, giving her unlimited swipes and allowing her to change location to various cities throughout Iowa.

While a Tinder rep did not comment for the report, many modern dating apps have measures in place to make them more user-friendly – and are known to block users who are vulgar or harass others.