Romney could pick running mate earlier than expected, advisers say

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney could break from tradition and name his vice presidential well before his party's convention in August, advisers to his campaign told Reuters.

The former Massachusetts governor is said to be quietly working with a small group of confidants, including his wife Ann, in devising a list of vice presidential prospects.

Outside advisers to his campaign, who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity, said Romney has the option of naming his No. 2 before the Republican convention in Tampa in late August. Traditionally, presidential candidates announce their running mates around the time of their party's convention, as former GOP presidential hopeful John McCain did in 2008.

Some Republicans see an advantage for Romney if he opts to name his pick earlier than in years past.

"You double your ability to campaign, you double your ability to raise money," one Republican official told Reuters. "You get a longer media halo," another reportedly said.

It is not known yet when Romney will disclose his choice, and the list of possibilities remains closely guarded.

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