RNC Mocks Obama Vacation with Online Postcards

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The Republican National Committee has unveiled a series of online postcards mocking President Obama's upcoming vacation at Martha's Vineyard.

"I'd say after 40 fundraisers, I've earned a vacation," says one postcard showing the president riding a bicycle.

Others include Obama holding a bodyboard saying "Finding a wave in Martha's Vineyard is almost as hard as finding a job" and the president bowling with the caption, "I hope I bowl higher than my approval rating."

The RNC believes Obama should remain in Washington to focus on repairing the struggling economy.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney defended Obama's vacation last week when he said "there is no such thing as a presidential vacation" and that Obama would continue to be briefed on the economy. President Obama announced Wednesday he would unveil his plan on the economy and job creation in early September.

The president leaves the White House Thursday afternoon and returns from his vacation August 27.