Gen. Wesley Clark told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Wednesday that President Obama’s doubts over his Afghanistan strategy as alleged in a new book by former Defense Secretary Robet Gates did not necessarily mean the president did not have faith in the troops or believed they would fail at their mission.

Clark, the former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, said on “The Kelly File” that deciding to send American soldiers into battle is a “really tough call” for any president, and anyone would second-guess themselves under those circumstances.

“It does say he had doubts about the strategy, but maybe that was because that was the best of a lot of bad choices and I think that’s the problem you’re in when you get to the White House level,” Clark said. “If things were easy and if things could be agreed by everybody they’d be decided long before they got to ya.”

Clark said it is also important to note Gates is only offering his interpretations of what Obama was feeling.

“There’s a lot of tension and a lot of pressure,” Clark said.