Republican National Committee re-elects Chairman Priebus

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Republicans meeting in California have re-elected party chairman Reince Priebus, a once little-known Wisconsin lawyer who supporters say has turned the GOP organization around.

At the Republican National Comitttee's winter meeting at San Diego-area resort, Priebus won Friday by a near-unanimous vote. Elected in 2011, Priebus inherited a national party $25 million in debt and ended 2014, after GOP gains across the country in November's midterm and governor elections, with more than $3 million left over.

Priebus, after winning his second term in 2013, demanded the party review its 2012 losses and seize control of the presidential primary debate schedule, after 20 were held during the 2012 campaign.

Priebus said: "2014 was a historic year. Winning in 2016 is going to take a lot more hard work."