Report: Iran tests new ballistic missile

Iran has conducted a new test of a medium-range ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, Fox News reported Monday, just as international officials met to discuss the lifting of sanctions under the nuclear agreement reached in July.

The test of the Ghadr-110 missile, with an estimated range of about 1,200 miles, was conducted Nov. 21, Fox News said, quoting western intelligence officials. It's likely to further inflame U.S. lawmakers' concerns about Iran, coming on the heels of a previous test Oct. 10 which was condemned by the international community as a violation of U.N. bans on such activities.

The Obama administration took no action after Iranian officials announced the Oct. 10 test of a missile with a range sufficient to reach Israel, and a maneuverable warhead that could defeat anti-missile defenses. That angered Republicans and some Democrats, who cite that as one of many reasons why sanctions against Iran should not be lifted as the deal requires.

Lawmakers are working on a variety of measures that would limit or bar President Obama from doing so, and supporters are hopeful that Iran's recent behavior may sway enough votes in their direction.