Rep. Ted Poe: We’re dealing with ‘Cold War II’

Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, told Fox News National Security Analyst KT McFarland that uncertainty with Russia is causing “international tension” and the U.S. needs to realize it is dealing with “Cold War II.”

“Putin does have his eye on the former Soviet republics and I don’t believe the world knows we would come ‘yes’ to the rescue,” said Poe, who serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Though the administration has been assuring NATO allies, Poe said the U.S. “hasn’t done anything” effective in response to Russia’s actions in Crimea.

“Russia’s number one economic policy for its income is energy,” Poe said. “That is their economic advantage.”

Poe said the United States government should consider putting sanctions on Russia’s energy sector. “Sanctions [on] a few diplomats that don’t come to the U.S. anyway – that’s not sanctions, it didn’t stop the Russians.”

He proposes providing an alternative to European nations dependent on Russian energy. “What we ought to do is expedite natural gas to these other countries to give them a competitive option from dealing with the Russians.”

Poe concedes his plan “could take a while” to implement.