Remembering Kennedy

As Republican Scott Brown takes his first walk through the halls of Congress after his surprise election to the Senate Tuesday, many are remembering the man who held that seat for decades: Senator Teddy Kennedy. As Brown met with Democrat John Kerry, the senior Senator from Massachusetts, Kerry picked up a photograph Kennedy had given him when he was the new guy on the block.

"This picture was taken the day i was sworn into the United States Senate and Ted Kennedy wrote me and said, 'As Humphrey Bogart would've said, 'This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.' You have to work across the aisle here to make things happen. Americans don't just elect Democrats and Republicans, they elect people to be responsible with the people's business."

With his election, Brown has become the 41st vote pledged against the Democratic health reform bill that bears the name of Kennedy and breaks the 60-vote block that Democrats held that could effectively shut down the GOP in the body. But Brown spoke of his affection for his former Senator outside his new office.  "Obviously I'm stepping into shoes that are big -- very, very big. I had great respect for Senator Kennedy."

Brown admitted to feeling a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of taking on Kennedy's old seat but said the best advice he'd gotten so far was " just be myself."