Reid wants FBI Director Comey investigated

Retiring Sen. Harry Reid renewed his feud with FBI Director James Comey on Saturday, accusing the bureau boss of sitting on information about Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 election -- and calling for Comey to be investigated.

The Senate Democratic leader, who leaves office next month, referred to a Washington Post report that the CIA had determined individuals tied to the Russian government gave hacked Democratic emails to WikiLeaks, in a bid to boost Donald Trump’s campaign.

“The FBI had this material for a long time but … Comey, who’s of course a Republican, refused to divulge this information,” Reid told MSNBC. “… He has let the country down for partisan purposes.”

Reid, while comparing Comey to J. Edgar Hoover, said he should be investigated by the Senate and “should be investigated by other agencies of the government including the security agencies because if there ever were a matter of security, it’s this.”

President-elect Trump told “Fox News Sunday” that the claim about Russia helping his candidacy is “ridiculous” and “just another excuse” by Democrats to explain his victory.

Reid, despite having praised Comey in the past, has gone after the sitting director ever since he revisited the Hillary Clinton email investigation 11 days before the Nov. 8 election.

Reid said in late October that Comey may have violated the law in doing so, since officials are barred from using their position to influence an election.

Republicans in response blasted Reid as a “disgrace” and a “hack,” defending Comey’s decision.

Comey, meanwhile, defended his actions at the time and said he had an obligation to provide Congress with an update on the case since he previously had told them it was closed. Comey and his bureau expedited their review, and, two days before the election, determined to stand by the original decision not to pursue charges.

Reid told MSNBC on Saturday he still thinks Comey should resign, but predicted he won’t. has reached out to the FBI for comment.