As Senate Democrats and House Republicans battle through budget negotiations, trying to decide how much and where to cut spending, there is ambiguity over which government programs are included in the discussion.

Thus far, no specific programs have been highlighted and discussions are focused more on what constitutes mandatory versus discretionary spending.

Still, some programs are more likely than others to be on the table when negotiations get down to the nitty-gritty.

Programs that govern environmental regulations and abortion policies could be on the agenda as well as LIHEAP, a heating assistance program for the poor. And as seen over recent weeks, passionate public broadcasting arguments have been made on both sides.

A one week continuing resolution offered by House Republicans suggested $12 billion in cuts across 10 areas including military construction, homeland security and transportation but Democrats said it was a non-starter.

And Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said in a talk show appearance Sunday that Republicans would have to keep their hands off Head Start funding in any long-term budget, a sentiment echoed by the president on Tuesday.

But some mandatory spending, such as agriculture subsidies and Pell Grants could be on the table.

At this point in the process, specifics are sparse as the negotiations taking place on Capitol Hill are complex, but for now, aren't detailed.

Fox News' Senior Senate producer Trish Turner and Senior House producer Chad Pergram contributed to this report.