Question #4: Health Care - what lies ahead?

Question: How will the President get Health Care passed before the August recess?

"We jumped in with both feet"

"It is my highest legislative priority"

We are closer to significant reform than at any time in recent history. It doesn't make it easy. Whole series of constant negotiations. Not a democratic vs. republican issue. House vs Senate issue. Obama said its his job to set parameters. He says its got to be budget and deficit neutral, whatever bill is produced has to be paid for. People want to get the good stuff without paying for it.

** There are going to be some tough negotiations in the days and weeks to come

Obama says he's trying to keep focused on the people across the country who are losing their jobs and healthcare, going into debt, small and large businesses are feeling pressure and he's looking at the budget.

There's a lot of talk about the defecit and the debt. People say why not do this or that, ignoring the deficit.

** The only way to get a handle on the medium and long term benefits is to corral costs

** "It is going to get done"

**My job is to get it done.

**Says he wants to get it done by the August recess.