Pulitzer Prine winner denies giving Hillary Clinton 'veto' power over his story

A former New York Times reporter who won the Pulitzer Prize is disputing the implication made in one of Hillary Clinton's emails released this week that he promised the former secretary of state veto power over a story he ultimately wrote about her in 2009 for Parade.

Leslie Gelb told the Washington Examiner Wednesday that those suggestions are simply untrue.

"The veto claim is baloney. Hillary knew that Parade never ran an attack [piece] in its history," Gelb said. "There was no need for veto power or anything else because it wasn't that kind of piece … it's just a straight account of what she did that day. And Hillary and her people knew it was going to be just that kind of straight (boring) reporting."

Among the nearly 3,000 pages of Clinton correspondences released this week by the State Department is a note written by longtime Clinton ally, Lynn Forester de Rothschild.

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