Prosecutors in probe of Wisconsin conservatives ignored liberal groups

As more light shines on the spiders in the left’s web of political coordination, one question increasingly begs to be asked: Where are the long, secret investigations into liberal organizations in Wisconsin?

Prosecutors in the politically charged John Doe investigation have spent years hunting conservatives in their secret probe, devoting more than a year and a half to investigating most of the right-leaning organizations in the Badger State.

The probe, launched in early September 2012 by Democrat Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, has labored under the theory that dozens of conservative groups may have illegally coordinated with Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign during the state’s partisan recall election drives.

The theory, to date dismissed by two judges, is that the groups may have violated state campaign finance law by running coordinated issue ads, viewed by prosecutors as akin to unreported in-kind contributions.

U.S. District Judge Rudolph Randa in May shut down the investigation and called the prosecutors’ assertions “simply wrong,” in large part because the ads were not express campaign messages, meaning they did not directly support or oppose one candidate or another.

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