Proposed Homeland Security guidelines would expand and expedite deportations

The Department of Homeland Security has written new guidelines that would expand the number of immigrants subject to deportation and expedite their removal.

The guidelines, contained in a pair of memos by Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, are not final and must still be signed off on by the White House.

Under the guidelines, children who journeyed to the United States "unaccompanied" and were reunited with parents living in the United States illegally would no longer be protected from deportation, and their parents could be prosecuted if they paid smugglers to bring the children in.

The proposal would also expand the number of people considered criminals and therefore targeted for deportation by including those charged with a crime or suspected of committing one. And it would allow expedited deportation for illegal immigrants who have been in the country for up to two years, instead of the current two weeks.