Pro golf groups will continue to hold events at Trump courses

Three major golf events will proceed as scheduled at properties owned by Donald Trump, U.S. Golf Association and PGA of America officials tell Fox News.

The announcement was made despite much hand-wringing and public outrage from golf industry leaders.

Golf’s governing bodies came together in June 2015 after Trump announced his White House bid, in a speech that included controversial comments about Mexican immigrants, which cast doubt on whether the groups would continue to hold their largest events at Trump properties.

On Monday, several prominent golf professionals joined Trump’s daughter Ivanka at the Trump National Golf Club, in New Jersey, to promote the 2017 U.S. Women’s Open.

Concerned about negative publicity that could come from staging one of its prominent events at a Trump course, USGA Executive Director Mike Davis said last summer that his organization would be “evaluating things.”

A spokesperson for the USGA confirms to Fox that the event remains on the calendar for mid-July 2017.

“While our position on Mr. Trump’s views has been well documented, we are singularly focused on conducting a stellar U.S. Women’s Open at the course, where we have successfully conducted championships in the past,” the spokesperson also said.

The PGA of America also confirmed to Fox that it intends to host next year’s Senior PGA Championship at the Trump National Golf Club, near Washington D.C.

The group will host its premiere event, the PGA Championship, in 2022 at Trump’s course in Bedminster, N.J.

Another PGA event, set for October 2015 at the Trump golf course near Los Angeles, was scrapped following the controversy.

Instead of going to a different venue, the PGA decided to eliminate its Grand Slam of Golf altogether.

Last summer, the country’s leading golf organizations issued a joint statement to distance themselves from the billionaire businessman.

“While the LPGA, PGA of America, PGA Tour and USGA do not usually comment on presidential politics, Mr. Trump's comments are inconsistent with our strong commitment to an inclusive and welcoming environment in the game of golf,” the statement read.

Neither the USGA nor the PGA of America put out statements in recent months explaining why they’ve decided to keep their future events at Trump courses.

In March, Trump briefly left the campaign trail to play host at his Doral Resort, in Miami, which has hosted an annual PGA Tour event for decades.

The contract with event sponsor Cadillac has expired, and PGA Tour executive Ty Votaw tells Fox News no decision has been made on whether to keep the event at Trump National Doral or permanently sever the relationship.