President Trump sports a new tie for his address to Congress

President Trump arrived at the U.S. Capitol for his first address to a joint session of Congress with a smile, a speech described by the White House as “optimistic” -- and a new tie, drawing the first Twitter traffic of the evening.

The president often is seen sporting bright red, Republican ties that became somewhat of a trademark. But Tuesday night, he seemingly surprised most with his fashion choice – a navy blue striped necktie.

Vice President Pence, who also is typically seen in red ties, sat behind Trump in a bright royal blue tie, quite similar to that of House Speaker Paul Ryan, and drawing Twitter traffic joking about whether the two planned to match outfits.

Just a few minutes into the president’s address, Twitter users attempted hashtagging #bluestripedtie and #bluetie, but had little success getting it to trend right off the bat.

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