President Obama's July - No Golf or Fundraisers, but Church, Camp David and Lots of Debt Meetings

FOX News took a look at President Obama's daily movements in the month of July, and it reveals some interesting tidbits.

The president hasn't partaken in one of his favorite outings -- playing golf -- in the entire month, but has done some more rare activities like going to Camp David twice, attending church, giving multiple press conferences and tweeting.

Obama has been embroiled in negotiations with Republican lawmakers over an August 2 deadline where the U.S. could default on its credit. He's met with leaders at the White House nine times this month that we know of, held three solo press conferences and four appearances in the briefing room. Obama has had 12 interviews with the media.

Normally Obama has gone months without giving a press conference or facing the media, so his multiple pressers and appearances to meet the press have been unusual.

Here's the rundown of the rest of the markers of July.


**NO GOLF - The president has NOT golfed the entire month of July. The last time he golfed was on June 26 at Ft. Beloir (75th time as president). June 25 the time before that at Andrews. Remember the Boehner golf outing was on June 18. On July 4, the president was supposed to play golf, but then that was scrubbed for reason still unknown (there were rumors about bad weather).

**TWO TRIPS TO CAMP DAVID - the president went to Camp David over two weekends. The weekend of July 1 and July 9 (wih the later being only one night). There were reports of taking the debt talks there the weekend of July 16th, but that never happened.

**ONE CHURCH STOP - The president and the first family attended church services on Sunday, July 17 at St. Johns Episocpal Church across from the WH, that was the 9th time he has gone as president.

**NO FUNDRAISERS - The president has not attended any DNC or re-election fundraisers. The last three were on June 23 in NYC. He reportedly had one scheduled for Tuesday, July 18, but canceled that one.

**TWELVE INTERVIEWS: The president conducted interviews with the following news outlets: WISN, WTAE, KING, WTVD, CBS NEWS/SCOTT PELLEY, WRC, COX, KYW, WBNS, KABC, KMBC and NPR.

**FOUR BRIEFING ROOM APPEARANCES: The president has stopped in the White House briefing room four times to talk to reporters. July 5, 15, 19, & 22.

**THREE SOLO PRESS CONFERENCES: He has held three solo press conferences. July 11, 15, & 22. Friday July 22 was the 17th of the presidency and sixth of the year.

**TWO TOWN HALLS - The president has had two town halls. The first one was a "Twitter" one at the White House on July 6 and the second was at the University of Maryland on July 22 (his eighth of the year).

**ONE CANCELED VACATION - On July 8 he was scheduled to have a vacation in Whitefish, Montana, police confirmed to Fox it was canceled.

**NINE MEETINGS ON DEBT AT WHITE HOUSE - by my tally he has had eight meetings this month at the White House on the debt that we know of. July 7, 10, 11, 12, 14, 17 (Boehner and Cantor), 7/20 (democratic leaders) and 7/21 (democratic leaders). The only ones open to television cameras have been the 7th, 10th, 11th and 23th. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said they closed the meeting to television cameras because of the press shouting out questions. Video of some of the closed meetings appeared in the "West Wing Week," the administration's video week in review on July 15.

**TWO TWEETS: The president wrote and sent his first two tweets. One at the twitter town hall asking a question about the debt/economy and a second one about the US women's soccer team playing in the World Cup.

**ONE OP-ED: On July 22 President Obama has an op-ed that appears in USA TODAY on the debt. (this was his fourth op-ed of the year, earlier ones on Sudan regulatory reform & gun control).