President Obama to be given 4 options on Afghanistan troop levels

Fox News' Major Garrett has learned from two senior administration officials that President Obama will receive four options on troop increases in Afghanistan. The president has yet to receive the options on paper but is due to receive them today.

The Situation Room meeting Wednesday will focus entirely on the four options, all of which contain an increase in current troop posture in Afghanistan. Various reports suggested Obama would receive five options. The officials Fox spoke with today were adamant the correct number is four.

The president has yet to decide on a troop deployment strategy, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said on Air Force One as the Obama flew to Ft. Hood to attend memorial services for those killed during last week's shootings.

No announcement on a revised military, diplomatic and develoment strategy will be made by Obama until after he returns on November 19th from his 8-day trip to Asia.