Pope Francis: Paris attack 'a piece' of a Third World War

Pope Francis called the terrorist attack in Paris "a piece" of an ongoing Third World War during a phone call Saturday with an Italian TV network.

During the call, Francis said that there is "religious or human justification for these things," adding that what took place "is not human." The Islamic State took responsibility for the attacks, calling them "miracles," while warning that they are the "first of the storm."

The Pope's comments come a day after at least 140 were killed in multiple attacks in Paris, which put all of France under a state of emergency — something that hasn't happened since the Algerian War, which ended in 1962 — and forced the country to close its borders.

"This is a piece [of the Third World War being fought at piecemeal]," Francis said, adding that it is "hard to understand" the attacks.

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