Poll: Record support for GOP approach to war on terror


Support for the Republican Party's plan to fight terrorism reached an all-time high in November, according to a new poll.

Twenty-nine percent of respondents favored the GOP approach to win the "war on terror," Reuters reported. Support for the GOP plan has increased since summer 2014, and while it's not entirely clear what the Republican plan is, the GOP is generally advocating a more aggressive approach to fighting the Islamic State than Democrats, and some have called for ground troops in the Middle East.

The monthly poll opened in Feb. 2012 with 29.2 percent support for the GOP's plan before slipping down to 20.6 percent in Nov. 2013. For nearly two years, more than 200,000 respondents have consistently favored the Republican Party's plan as figures for those unsure about which party's plan to support dipped below the GOP in October.

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