Police downplay terror links on London-Boston flight

State police in Massachusetts were downplaying any links to terrorism on a Boston-bound British Airways flight from London that landed safely after a women tried to open an exit door during the flight.

Initial reports suggested the woman was trying to enter the cockpit during the flight.

"A passenger on British Airways Flight 213, a 777 en route from Heathrow to Boston, tried to open an exit door and has been restrained. The cockpit is secure and the flight is continuing to Boston," the FAA said in a statement.

But Massachusetts State Police later tweeted that the passenger was drunk, and only tried to open an exit door.

Flight 213 had departed London's Heathrow Airport Tuesday morning. It landed at Logan Airport at 1:29 p.m. Eastern time and was met by state police, the Joint Terrorism Task Force and Homeland Security agents.

"Our customers and crew deserve to have a safe and enjoyable flight and we do not tolerate abusive behavior," British Airways said in a statement after describing the woman, said to be in her 30s, as abusive and unruly.

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