Petraeus to appear for second closed door interview with Benghazi Committee

The House Benghazi Committee will interview former CIA Director David Petraeus for a second time this upcoming weekend at the Capitol, Fox News learned exclusively on Thursday.

The second session will take place in a secure area of the Capitol at 10 a.m. ET on Saturday.

Few members of the committee will be there, officials told Fox News. The meeting will be mostly counsel for the committee.

Petraeus appeared for four hours at a closed door session of the Benghazi Committee on Jan. 6 for an initial interview, but the committee wanted more time. Most other major witnesses have spent anywhere from six to ten hours with the Benghazi Committee.

Officials told Fox News in January that there would be an effort to bring Petraeus back for additional questions from investigators, even off-campus or in New York City.

The Saturday meeting will not be the first time the nation’s former top spy negotiated strange circumstances for his appearance.

The House Intelligence Committee also heard from Petraeus in a bizarre, pre-dawn, clandestine hearing on November 16, 2012, which came barely two months after the Benghazi attack and shortly after Petraeus’s dalliances with Paula Broadwell came to light.

The Broadwell affair ended Petraeus’s time as Director of Central Intelligence. U.S. Capitol Police and the House and Senate Sergeant at Arms offices covertly squirreled Petraeus into the Capitol through a rabbit warren of nearby tunnels. No one at the Capitol that day ever caught a glimpse of Petraeus until he left in a car with tinted windows later in the day.

When Petraeus spoke to the committee in January, security officials also escorted him to the briefing room through a series of non-public access points.

Fox News’ Chad Pergram contributed to this report.