Pence says Clinton campaign, media have fought '2-on-1' against Trump

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence slammed the coverage of Donald Trump's campaign, saying that the media had been "doing half of Hillary Clinton’s work for her."

"I hear that [Trump] pointing out the overwhelming bias in the national media is somehow making an excuse," Pence told Fox News' Megyn Kelly on "The Kelly File" Tuesday night.

"I think he's just making an observation," Pence added. "Most of the people I’m out campaigning with know that it’s been 2-on-1 from almost the beginning of this campaign ... But the amazing thing is we continue to see this movement growing because the American people are talking to each other about the real issues in this campaign, not what the media’s chasing after any given day of the week."

The Indiana governor also shrugged off former Secretary of State Colin Powell's support for Clinton, which he announced earlier in the day Tuesday.

"Look, I honor his service to the country," Pence said. "But if memory serves, he supported Barack Obama eight years ago, so I’m not really sure it’s particularly newsworthy that he’s supporting another Democrat for the White House."

"He's entitled to his opinon."