Palin Endorsement Report Card: Did her Grizzlies Cross the Finish Line with a Roar?

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Sarah Palin has been a familiar face on the campaign trail this election cycle, but is she a political kingmaker? The former Alaska governor and Fox News analyst, whose 2012 plans have been subject to widespread speculation, endorsed more than 80 Tea Party conservative candidates, spanning Senate, House, gubernatorial, and even attorneys general's races.

An online map of the U.S. at is speckled with marching grizzly bears to demarcate the candidates Palin, who has used the term "mama grizzly" to laud conservative female hopefuls, has endorsed.

Eleven grizzlies, who are not marked on the map, lost their primary races, including former gubernatorial candidate Brian Murphy in Maryland and Fox News contributor Angela McGlowan in Mississippi's 1st congressional district.


With results still rolling in across the country, Kentucky U.S. Senate candidate and well-known tea party member Rand Paul, whom Palin endorsed in February, has beaten Democrat Jack Conway. "Sarah Palin is a giant in American politics. I am proud to receive her support," Paul said in a release at the time, calling the endorsement an "achievement" for the campaign.

"Granite Grizzly" Kelly Ayotte, who narrowly beat out another conservative candidate in the primary, has won against Democrat Paul Hodes.

Texas governor Rick Perry has won the race to hold on to his seat.

In Minnesota's 6th congressional district, Michele Bachmann has won.

South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley, and Tim Scott in that state's 1st congressional district have also won.


Christine O'Donnell, who has been one of this cycle's most visible tea party candidates, lost in the race against Democrat Chris Coons after flailing in the polls.

West Virginia's John Raese lost his Senate race against sitting governor Joe Manchin.

Tim Burns, in Pennsylvania's 12th congressional district, has also lost in his bid against Democrat Mark Critz.

With results still up in the air in Nevada, it is yet to be seen whether Sharron Angle will beat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to become Palin's big grizzly get.