Palin Advocates At Work In Iowa

A major Iowa Tea Party figure has confirmed that a group of people trying to encourage Sarah Palin to run for President in 2012 has been asking advice from Iowa political insiders on what it would take for her to start a campaign in the state.

Some Iowa Republican activists have been disappointed the former Governor of Alaska has not been more aggressive in putting together a campaign for the White House.

But this may be a shift in position since it seems to signal the beginnings of an emerging Iowa plan, while at the same time, allowing Palin backers reach out to important potential constituencies.

Certainly, Palin would not be the only Tea Party favorite potentially seeking supporters in Iowa.

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., who is considering a presidential bid speaks Friday evening to Iowans for Tax Relief, the largest advocacy group in Iowa.

In typical fashion, Bachman has also jammed her Iowa visit with local media interviews and a few meet-and-greet sessions with potential Iowa caucus-goers.

Bachmann last year formed the Tea Party Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives and has broad support among Tea Partiers.

Palin, for her part, consistently appears in the top tier of presidential preference polls, including those in Iowa.

Sarah Palin is a FOX News contributor.