Ousted Bell, Calif., police chief sues for severance, despite outrage over salary

The California police chief forced out after revelations about his nearly $500,000 annual salary is now suing his former employer for severance pay.

The suit has drawn outrage from the city's new administration, considering former Bell, Calif., Police Chief Randy Adams used to make $457,000 -- $770,046 with benefits -- in his municipal job. Plus he's currently raking in a plump pension.

“The filing of this suit looks to be the height of hypocrisy to me,” new City Manager Doug Willmore said in a statement. “Randy Adams was a police chief who was making more money per year than the president of the United States. In my opinion, his compensation was outrageous.”

Adams argues in the suit that he never agreed to resign or give up his severance, though city officials had pressured him to do so, according to The Los Angeles Times.

The revelations two years ago about the huge salaries of top Bell officials drew nation attention and nearly bankrupted the small Los Angeles County city.

Eight former Bell officials, including ex-Chief Administrative Officer Robert Rizzo, have been charged with felonies in the case. Adams is not named in that suit.

He now receives more than $22,000 a month, making him one of California’s highest paid public pensioners, according to The Times, which broke the latest story.

Willmore also said Adams’ claim will be answered with a counter-claim by the city “that will far exceed anything that he is asking for.”