Ohio woman in hunger strike amid slimdown

An Ohio woman who works at the Cincinnati offices of the IRS says she had been on a hunger strike for four days and does not intend to eat until the federal government reopens.

Donna Smith, from Morrow, Ohio, told Fox19.com that she only had water, tea and a nutritional shake for four days.She and  her colleagues have not been working as a result of the political gridlock.

"I do worry about myself financially and things like that, but I do have a supportive spouse.  We're very blessed, and there's a lot of people out there who don't have that safety net," Smith added.

Smith described her coworkers as hardworking and said she is going through the hunger strike as a form of solidarity with them. She said some coworkers told her they rely on their paychecks to feed their kids and she figured “what better way” to show support than a hunger strike.