ObamaCare Crumbling?

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With the administration's top techie testifying on the Hill about the ObamaCare fiasco, top Dem Mary Landrieu, whose Louisiana seat is up for the taking in 2014, is pushing a bill to restore insurance to those kicked off their plans.  She’s one of many who supported Obamacare only now to diss it to win reelection. Her switch-hitting isn’t sitting well with either side of the aisle.

Founder of the liberal site Firedoglake.com thinks Landrieu is going to pay at the polls:

Jane Hamsher @janehamsher

@SenLandrieu tells @wolfblitzer she misled ppl abt ACA, didn't read the bill she fought for but wont apologize. Good luck w that reelection

And sometimes National Review writer Josh Jordan, whose Twitter bio says he’s an unpaid polling enthusiast with a day job watching a baby, knocks her down to size.

Josh Jordan ‏@NumbersMuncher

.@SenLandrieu screwed every American who didn't want Obamacare for $300M, and now she's ready to screw Obama to save her Senate seat.

We’re pretty sure he’s not a fan.


Chris Christie is so yesterday. In the battle for the 2016 Republican nomination, it’s Jeb Bush all the way! At least that’s what Politico’s Chief Economic Correspondent Ben White is hearing from Wall Street money guys, and he gives Jeb a 30 percent chance of trying to follow his brother and father into the White House.

And did you hear? Elizabeth Warren could, maybe, potentially beat Hillary in a 2016 showdown.

Did someone tell Warren she’s planning on running? How ‘bout Jeb? Last I checked, he told ABC's Jonathan Karl that while he may be considering a 2016  bid, “This is not the right time to be thinking about that.”

Josh Barro, politics editor at Business Insider and self-described “crotchety young man,” imagines an exclusive club of non-contenders:

Josh Barro @jbarro

I wonder if Jeb Bush, Elizabeth Warren, Sarah Palin and Andrew Cuomo ever hang out & talk about how they're never going to run for president

Will Joe Biden eventually show up?


You have to appreciate someone who puts himself out there as a Vodka pundit. And, bonus, his musings aren’t just about alcohol - despite the martinis all over his page Twitter page.

With all the criticism of the Gray Lady and her inability to come right out in an editorial and say the Prez misled the country over Obamacare, Stephen Green, who covers "the absurd in American politics" for the conservative site PJ Media, has a thesaurus question.

Stephen Green @VodkaPundit

Hey, @nytimes -- I need another word for "incorrect promises." Any suggestions?

How about not-trustworthy promissory note?  Counterfactual asservations? Imprecise avowals?


The crack-smoking mayor saga continues. During a Toronto City Council hearing, Mayor Rob Ford confesses to buying illegal drugs, not just using them. And he still has no plans to quit.

That means the mayor of the fifth largest city in North America isn’t just a crack-inhaling, murder-threatening, bobblehead-signing loudmouth, he’s a political addict who can’t wait for the next election.

Globe and Mail columnist Tabatha Southey has turned her Twitter feed into a Rob Ford live blog, including a story from the Toronto Sun that reports new accusations of cocaine, an escort and drunk driving.

And she retweets this picture from Toronto Sun reporter Jane Gerster:

Jane Gerster @Jane_Gerster

Crowd continuing to grow as speaker shouts "Rob Ford betrayed you." #TOpoli pic.twitter.com/Jpof2msQJH

How to sum up the mess? Southey thinks Ford could play in Man of La Mancha.

Tabatha Southey @TabathaSouthey

"I am absolutely not taking a leave of absence" says Ford. He will just keep going. My God, it's like Don Quixote on crack

For those not familiar with the musical, he sings…

“My destiny calls and I go, 
And the wild winds of fortune 
Will carry me onward, 
Oh whithersoever they blow!”


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