Obama wants to add public option to ObamaCare

President Obama isn't giving up on a government insurance plan option for ObamaCare, despite widespread congressional opposition when it was considered in 2010.

Obama in an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association called on future policymakers to implement a series of reforms to ObamaCare. Among the reforms is a call to "revisit" the idea of a public option for ObamaCare enrollees.

Obama tried to add the public option, in which the government competes with private insurers and offers ObamaCare plans on the marketplaces, when the law was drafted about six years ago. However, heavy lobbying from the insurance industry nixed the provision.

Now, Obama said a public option can help enhance competition in the marketplace. He pointed out in the article that 88 percent of ObamaCare enrollees live in a county with at least three insurers this year, but 12 percent live in areas with only one or two.

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