Obama Taps Top Strategist to Guide Supreme Court Confirmation

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's top communications strategist will head up White House efforts to guide President Obama's Supreme Court nominee through the confirmation process, a senior Democrat familiar with the decision told FOX News.

Stephanie Cutter will move to the White House as part of a temporary assignment, one that is only for this confirmation task and does not suggest Cutter will be moving permanently into the West Wing.

At this point, the source said, it appears Cutter will return to the Geithner portfolio after Obama's Supreme Court pick is confirmed.

White House sources told FOX News the pick will not be made before Memorial Day weekend. It appears likely Obama will announce his court choice before leaving Washington for a much-anticipated speech in Egypt to the Muslim world on June 4.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Friday Obama had conducted no personal interviews for the post.

A top Obama confidant said the list of those under consideration grew last week with the addition of former Bush Deputy Attorney General James Comey, 48. Aides advocated for Comey's inclusion on the short list because he's not an appeals court judge, has national security and law enforcement experience (as a former federal prosecutor) and rebelled against Bush's post-9/11 phone and Internet surveillance tactics.

Cutter was a top spokeswoman for the Obama transition and served as First Lady Michelle Obama's senior adviser and chief of staff during the general election campaign. Cutter is a long-time aide to Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., and was communications director for John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign.