Obama Asks Supporters to Step Up Their Game

Time is running out for Democrats struggling to keep their seats in the midterms and President Obama is acutely aware of that. His campaign arm, Organizing for America, has sent out a presidential video message to supporters urging them to resurrect their enthusiasm for his 2008 candidacy and use it to re-elect endangered Democrats. Illustrating the urgency, the video is titled, "Six Weeks Out."

Guiding Mr. Obama's argument was the Supreme Court decision on campaign finance which allows corporations and unions to fund campaign advertising without disclosing their backing publicly. The president has decried the law before, saying big corporations would give Republicans an edge. But some in the GOP say unions, historically backers of the Democratic Party, are also afforded protection under the law and could just as easily give Democratic candidates a leg up.

Still, Mr. Obama is telling supporters that decision is having an impact saying, "a lot of our candidates are getting swamped."

Down in the polls, the president says he understands the anger and anxiety people are feeling over the economy, but he says Republicans want to go back to the same agenda they had before he took office. It's a familiar theme. However, some candidates are shying away from it, viewing the president as a liability.

Mr. Obama has hit the road for Democrats this season and will again before election day, but not to any great extent.

The White House announced Tuesday that first lady Michelle Obama will be filling up her own schedule, though, with a tour to support candidates and party organizations from California to New York starting next month. Vice President Biden spent some time on the trail, as well.

The president stressed to his supporters that time is running out. "...I need everybody here to step up their game...We've just gone through the first quarter here. The game is still on."