Obama Administration Announces $110M in Aid for Pakistan

The United States will give $110 million for humanitarian aid to Pakistan to assist them while the country fights Taliban militants.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton  made the announcement at the White House saying it would go to help almost 2 million Pakistani people who have been displaced due to the fighting in the Swat region.  The money will go towards the purchase of food, water, tents, fm radios and generators to provide water and light for those people that are living in tent cities.  Secretary Clinton says the aid is not only "the right thing to do but essential."  The money will not be distributed directly to the Pakistani government but will instead be channeled to humanitarian aid organizations.

Secretary Clinton says the Obama administration is taking a new approach when dealing with the nuclear armed country. "In the past, we walked away from Pakistan and realized it was wrong" Clinton told reporters this morning.  This new strategy will not only help the Pakistani people but the democratically elected government since it will boost the government's image amongst it's people.  Clinton says that making the Pakistani government successful shows the Pakistani people it can deliver results.