Nicolas Maduro Says Colombia’s Former President Is Trying To Kill Him

The latest in a long line of accusations by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is that Alvaro Uribe, the former president of Colombia, was plotting to kill him.

On Friday Maduro gave a televised speech in which he said Uribe was behind a plan to murder Hugo Chávez’s political heir.

"Uribe is a killer,” said Maduro.

Without providing details, Maduro added that he has “enough evidence of who is conspiring, and there are sectors of the Venezuelan right that are involved."

While Uribe is a critic of Maduro, he swiftly dismissed the accusation just hours after it was made.

"To the immature accusation by the dictatorship... just one response: repeat the elections," said Uribe.

Prior to his revelation that Uribe was plotting to kill him, Maduro responded angrily on Friday to a call by Peru's foreign minister for tolerance and dialogue in Venezuela, saying he will recall his ambassador for consultations.

The Peruvian diplomat, Rafael Roncagliolo, also called on the Union of South American Nations, of which his country is acting president, to issue a statement urging Maduro to exercise tolerance.

Maduro said Friday that Roncagliolo's statement showed a "lack of respect" for Venezuelan democracy.

Two Venezuelan opposition leaders were in Lima this week to brief officials about a fistfight in Venezuela's parliament that broke out after its speaker tried to bar opposition lawmakers unless they recognize Maduro's election. The opposition claims it was attacked.

It contends Maduro stole the April 14 presidential election from opposition candidate Henrique Capriles, a charge Maduro denies.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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