New Voting Problems Reported

Imagine touching the screen, thinking you are voting for your candidate, but the opposing candidate pops up as your choice!

That's what some voters claim has been happening in North Carolina, and now the North Carolina Republican party is suing the State Board of Elections.

According to the complaint filed by the state party, when people cast straight line votes for Republicans, the computer screens show votes for... Democrats.

"Their votes were not being properly counted," says Republican state party chairman Tom Fetzer. He says they've gotten complaints from voters in several counties and charges voters are not being protected."We're going into federal court today to ask a judge to protect these citizens -- Democrats, Republicans, independents, all -- so that they can have a high confidence level that their votes are being recorded accurately. The whole foundation of our election process depends upon people having confidence that the election process is accurate," he says.

But the deputy director of the State Board of Elections, Johnnie Mclean, says that the computers cannot be programmed to pick Democrats, and that some Democrats have also even complained that their screens show they chose Republicans. Mclean says there is no evidence to indicate that wrong votes, either Republican or Democrat, were actually counted.

"We have had some reports to polling workers, these were corrected," Mclean told Fox News. "They were isolated instances but seem to have multiplied...There is no hard evidence voters were not able to cast their vote as intended. The voters were able to correct the selection. They may be inconvenienced, but they are not disenfranchised."

Meanwhile, in Bucks County, Pa., the Board of Elections has decided to sequester 20,000 absentee ballots and ballot applications after allegations of potential voter fraud have surfaced there.

The board has tossed out nearly 900 absentee ballot applications so far, with the majority rejected because of problems with voters' signatures. Often when signatures do not match records, experts say, that can be one sign of potential voter fraud.

The Republicans are pointing the finger at the Democrats, accusing them of engaging in fraud, and the Democrats are accusing the Republicans of trying to suppress the vote.

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