New Conyers accuser surfaces following retirement announcement

Following the announcement Tuesday of Michigan Rep. John Conyers’ retirement from Congress, new allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced against him, according to a released affidavit on Twitter.

Attorney Lisa Bloom released a copy of the document by the accuser, Delores Lyons, with her tweet.

“Here is another woman stepping forward to document her sexual harassment claims against John Conyers, who still denies harassing anyone,” Bloom said. “Conyers said he wasn’t getting due process but he knew our witnesses were prepared to testify before the Ethics Committee.”

In the document, Lyons claimed she was a volunteer for Conyers from 2010 through 2014. She described two incidents in which Conyers allegedly touched her buttocks and another in which he allegedly put her hand on his crotch.


In the latter incident, Lyons said she was driving with the congressman when “he grabbed my hand off the steering wheel and put it on his penis.” She said she was “horrified” and pulled her hand away, only for him to allegedly repeat the maneuver again.

“A short while later, Rep. Conyers did it again and I yelled at him to “Stop that! Go back to sleep!” as I pulled my hand away,” she said in the affidavit. “Rep. Conyers giggled in response.”

About the encounters, Lyon added, “This seemed to be a game to Rep. Conyers as he thought he could cop a feel wherever and whenever he wanted and no one would ever do anything about it.”

Lyons also claimed to witness the incident between Conyers and fellow accuser Elisa Grubbs at church. She alleged she saw Grubbs, who was sitting next to Conyers, jump and say, “He just ran his hand up my thigh!”


Grubbs’ allegations against Conyers were made public late Monday, also by Bloom, before his retirement was announced.

In Lyons' affidavit, she said Marion Brown told her that Conyers “was always coming onto [her]” as well.

“Ms. Brown confided in me on multiple occasions that Rep. Conyers repeatedly made sexual advances toward her,” Lyons said in the affidavit. “Rep. Conyers black balled Ms. Brown and ruined her political career because she rejected his inappropriate sexual advances.”

An attorney for Conyers has since denied Lyons claims and told Fox News that she never worked for the congressman but was friends with Brown. They alleged Lyons would come into the congressman’s office and flirt with him.

Fox News’ Matt Finn contributed to this report.