Krauthammer on the Kasich-Cruz alliance: 'A last attempt to try to stop the momentum'

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said Monday that while Republican presidential hopefuls John Kasich and Ted Cruz have teamed up in an attempt to deny frontrunner Donald Trump the delegates necessary to claim the party’s nomination,  the attempt comes at the eleventh hour.

“It’s extremely late…. We’re really at a point now where this is the end game,” Krauthammer said. “There is no tomorrow, really. This is a last attempt to try to stop the momentum.”

Krauthammer went on to say the results of tomorrow’s primaries could determine whether the newly formed alliance has a chance at stopping Trump from securing the nomination.

“If you get the five state sweep on Tuesday, you have a candidate on a roll coming into Cleveland. If he’s on a roll… he could be 50 [delegates] away, maybe even 100 away. There will be a sense the people want him, you have to go with the people. That’s what the momentum will mean,” he said.

If Cruz manages to stop Trump in Indiana, where Kasich has pledged not to spend money (to give Cruz a better chance against their shared rival), Krauthammer believes that could change the game.

“That could have a psychological effect. Everyone says it’s all about numbers, numbers, numbers,” Krauthammer said. “It’s about what the people want in a broad sense. And if you stop him in one place… I think you could have a fight on the floor that looks like it’s a legitimate fight.”