Kentucky Sen. Candidate Caught Between A Rock and Hard Place

For weeks, Kentucky Democratic senate candidate Jack Conway has been telling reporters that his race against Tea Party Republican Rand Paul is actually much closer than public polls have shown. The Real Clear Politics average of the last five public polls as of Monday has Paul out in front by 5.8 percent.

Conway's big beef with the public polls was the methodology they used. He argued polls like the Louisville Courier-Journal - WHAS polls were wrong because they merely measured "likely voters" (which is the preferred method of most pollsters).

At a campaign event last week, Conway (with a smile on his face) told a WHAS reporter, "I've been screaming at you about your poll now...that it's wrong for two or three weeks."

Conway says his campaign's internal polling is done differently. Camp Conway asks people first if they are registered voters and then asks if they are likely to vote.

It does seem like a way to double-screen people being surveyed and add a layer of certainty to the polling results. And Conway says using their method the internal polling they've done shows the race is a toss-up.

Fast forward to today.

The folks at Louisville Courier-Journal - WHAS have come out with a new poll. Results? Rand Paul is up just 49-47 percent over Jack Conway.

Good news for Conway. His campaign has already issued a fundraising e-mail touting the poll results.

But there's a problem. Not mentioned in the Conway e-mail?  The poll once again uses likely voters...the very same sort of poll Conway says is wrong.