Jamie Dimon Back at the White House

He's ba-ack! JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon met with President Obama in the Oval Office Wednesday morning. A White House official told Fox News' Mike Emanuel the purpose of the meeting was "to discuss ideas for growing the economy and creating jobs." Dimon's, and other business leaders' relationships with the administration was were strained during the battle for a financial reform bill last year. The banking executive was critical of the White House, calling the president's plan for reform dangerous to the banking system and undermining investor confidence.

A White House official said the two met "to move forward," saying "a partnership between the public and private sectors is vital". As Fox has reported, the administration is actively working to mend relationships with the business community, and Obama has committed to meeting with the Chamber of Commerce in the new year. With the president's compromise on the tax cuts, the White House hopes benefits to small businesses will help improve their overall relations with commerce.

But could Dimon's meeting with the president be for another reason? The White House has yet to replace Larry Summers as Director of the National Economic Council and Assistant to the President for Economic Policy, but the White House insisted that Dimon was not meeting with the president for a job interview to replace the outgoing Summers.

Mike Emanuel contributed to this story