Ivanka Trump visits Capitol to talk family tax credit

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Ivanka Trump visited Capitol Hill Wednesday to meet with Republican lawmakers on a proposal to expand a tax credit for families.

The senior adviser and daughter of President Donald Trump was at the Capitol for a meeting with GOP Sens. Marco Rubio of Florida, Sen. Deb Fischer of Nebraska, Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa, Sen. Mike Lee of Utah and other lawmakers. As she entered the session, Trump said she was "looking forward to a robust discussion."

A White House official said the group would be discussing the possibility of expanding the child tax credit. The official, who sought anonymity to discuss details of a private meeting, said the administration has heard from lawmakers that this approach will help working families.

While Trump has met with lawmakers previously, this was her first public visit to the Capitol. She tweeted Tuesday: "Childcare is a major expense for American working families. This Admin. is focused on creating policy solutions to enable them to thrive!"

Trump has been looking to include tax relief for working families in the administration's tax reform effort.  Rubio and Lee have proposed enhancing the credit, which currently provides a tax credit of up to $1,000 for qualifying families.

Rubio said the meeting would focus on the credit and other policies.

"It's on our pro-family agenda, ours I mean the president's as well, and so it's broader than just one topic but it certainly is a part of it," Rubio said.

Asked if he supports paid family leave, which Ivanka Trump has also been working on, Rubio said: "I think we need to do something about family leave, absolutely."