Is This Election a Return 1994? Senate Campaign Chairs Face-off

The two men responsible ensuring voters elect their party members to the Senate agree Republicans probably won’t take control of the Senate- at least this election.

On ABC’s “This Week,” Republican Senate Campaign Chair John Cornyn, R-TX, predicted Republicans will make gains, but perhaps not enough to take the Senate. Cornyn insisted "We'll make a lot of headway this election,” but also said  “I think it probably is going to take two cycles.”

His counterpart Democrat Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., denied claims we will see another tidal wave shift in Congress like in 1994, when Republicans were able to take back control of the Senate. Menendez insisted this is not like it was 16 years ago, “Number one, in 1994, the Republican brand, its image was much better than it is today.  In every poll, Democrats as a brand fare much better.  And, secondly, in 1994, it was a surge at the end.”

One hotly contested race did come up on the show, the open Alaska Senate seat. Cornyn denied an ABC report that Republican leaders have given up on GOP nominee Joe Miller, but Cornyn did say he is concerned. “We are supporting the nominee of our party, which is Mr. Miller, and -- but are concerned...we want to make sure of is that the Democrat doesn't win, Bob's candidate doesn't win in November.”

Menendez say he sees an opportunity with incumbent Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s write-in campaign, “We believe that [Democratic nominee] Scott McAdams actually has a real chance of winning this race.  Mr. Miller has obviously plummeted because it's about ideology versus about Alaska.  Lisa Murkowski wanted to privatize Social SecurityScott McAdams is all about Alaska, so I think he has a real opportunity here.”

Menendez however denied the idea Democrats have been dumping money into the race lately, ad money or other-wise.