Iran's Khamenei tweets image of Obama with gun to head

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Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran’s supreme religious leader, has apparently tweeted a picture of President Obama holding a gun to his head, in response to Obama saying the U.S. could still use military force if the recent nuclear deal with Tehran fails.

“US president has said he could knock out Iran’s military. We welcome no war, nor do we initiate any war, but ...” reads the tweet Saturday that appears to come from a legitimate Khamenei account.

It also includes a silhouette image of Obama putting a handgun to his own head.

The tweet follows an international deal reached earlier this month in which Iran has agreed to significantly curtail its nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of billions of dollars in sanctions.

The deal, if completed, would also lift an arms embargo on conventional weapons, which has resulted in U.S. officials saying publicly that a military option is still possible should the deal fail or if Iran continues to pursue a nuclear weapon.

Khamenei has spoken out before about the deal since it was struck July 14, in remarks Secretary of State John Kerry reportedly called “very troubling.”