Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham told viewers on Wednesday's “Special Report with Bret Baier” that Donald Trump's tax returns aren't going to matter much in this election.

“I don't know what Mitt Romney is doing.  I really don't.” said Ingraham. “I mean, I guess at this point, he's in it to help Hillary because I don't know why he would make that point”

Ingraham says the Republican party is moving to a "populist, slightly more nationalistic party" and only Clinton is going to go after the billionaire nominee’s tax returns.

"Trump's not a doctrinaire conservative. We all know that but that's where the party has moved," said Ingraham.  "Tax returns, I don't think that in this election cycle with so much on the line is going to have much of an effect, even though Hillary will try to make it."