Ingraham: Clinton donation scandal “most explosive issue in this campaign to date”

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Laura Ingraham told viewers Monday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that the latest scandal to plague the presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton may be “the most explosive issue in this campaign to date.”

“Hillary Clinton has not revealed, nor has Bill, the full extent of both donations from foreign individuals and foreign governments that track their time in government and the time in which she was planning to run for president,” Ingraham said.

“Did policy change because of donations or promised donations? If this is not a legitimate topic in governance today, I don’t know what is,” Ingraham, a Fox News contributor, commented.

Her remarks came amid the release of a new book, “Clinton Cash,” that reveals alleged potential conflicts of interest when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. The author, Peter Schweizer, reports in a copy of his book obtained by The New York Times that foreign entities who contributed to the Clinton Foundation received favors under her watch.

“They have always been planning to run Hillary as president so the idea of Hillary being secretary of state and the Clinton Foundation getting donations from groups and countries including those in the Middle East that had a vested interest in turning policy a certain way, that goes to the very heart of the public’s concern about corruption in government,” Ingraham said.

Clinton, meanwhile, has continued her soft campaign rollout and spent the day Monday in the first primary state of New Hampshire.