Imperiled Virginia Democrat Looks to Work With McDonnell

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Virginia Democratic Rep. Tom Perriello, one of the most-imperiled House Democrats of the next election cycle, said late Tuesday he will try to work with Republican Gov.-elect Bob McDonnell.

Republicans are trying to use the election of McDonnell as an indicator that Perriello, a freshman who beat former Republican Rep. Virgil Goode in an upset last year, will be on the ropes in 2010

Perriello said he "hopes to work with Bob McDonnell."

As to what the McDonnell victory means for his own re-election, Perriello said, "It doesn't mean anything. It's what Virginia does. We always vote against the president. This is the cycle in Virginia."

Perriello said he's expecting the state GOP to use the McDonnell win to step up attacks on him. He is already being targeted as a top pick-off next year.

"They've been negative on me since 10 days after my election," he said.

The National Republican Campaign Committee issued results late Tuesday noting that McDonnell won Perriello's 5th Congressional District by about 61 percent.