Idaho sheriff defends car, tile, carpet purchases funded by concealed permit fees

Madison County Sheriff Roy Klingler confirmed Tuesday his agency used fees charged to concealed weapons permit applicants to buy carpet, tile, guns and a car, among other items.

Responding to an story, Klingler said his department followed the law.

“The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is and has always been dedicated to serving all the people of Madison County; this includes wise use of all monies,” he wrote.

The original story, published Monday, revealed Klingler’s office spent more than $60,000 on items unrelated to concealed weapons permit administration. The office spent more than $24,000 on tile and carpet for its office in 2011. A year later, Madison spent an additional $18,000 on carpet for a training room and office space.

The permit fees also funded a $750 bark purchase for a gun range, $2,339 for guns and $14,270 to purchase a Chevrolet Cruze for a civil deputy.

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