House Drops Spending for Labor and Health Programs Back to '04 levels

The House Appropriations Committee is currently releasing the "totals" that each of the subcommittees will be allowed to spend for fiscal year 2012.

Some of these cuts will be deep, and the amount of money distributed to these committees to work with will be a good indication of where the policy is going.

In other words, follow the money.

The Labor-Health and Human Services budget is one of the most interesting ones to watch, because that's where money comes for the spending on health care and the health care law.

Fox News has learned exclusively that the total size of the pie for this appropriations subcommittee for this fiscal year will be $139.218 billion. Contrast that with the $157.7 billion the committee was given during fiscal year 2011.

That's a significant, $18 billion cut which goes back to below fiscal year 2004 levels when the committee was allocated $139.7 billion to work with.

These steep cuts are in alignment with the Ryan Budget the House passed last month. Other subcommittee figures should be coming in shortly.