Here's how Jeb Bush would repeal and replace Obamacare


Jeb Bush is releasing a healthcare plan that would repeal President Obama's healthcare law and replace it with a new system of health insurance tax credits, reflecting two political and policy assumptions.

One, Bush has determined that a candidate cannot win the Republican presidential nomination nor can the healthcare system be truly reformed, without repealing Obamacare. Two, he has accepted that Obamacare, by expanding insurance, has shifted the debate in a way that forces Republicans to take coverage into account when crafting alternatives.

By taking this approach, which his campaign announced on Monday and he plans to lay out in a Tuesday morning speech in New Hampshire, Bush has joined an emerging mainstream consensus among Republican lawmakers and thinkers, while opening himself up to attack from some on the right, notably his rival in the presidential race, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. Jeb has also broken with the approach that his brother, George W. Bush, proposed late in his presidency.